About Us

Divyesh Nathoo

Referral Hubs is the brainchild of Divyesh Nathoo, an entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience establishing and growing several successful businesses in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail, businesses and finance sectors in South Africa and Australia.

For the past few years Divyesh has been engaged by several medium-sized businesses to assist with HR, Strategy and Business Development. As an accredited Advisory Board Chair, Divyesh supports business owners to gain clarity in operational thinking while maintaining a long term focus on their strategy.

To relax, Divyesh takes to the road on his bicycle and enjoys long rides and cycling competitions with fellow enthusiasts.

Shari Aubrey

Shari is a client relationship professional with over 20-years’ experience working in the UK and Australia in large organisations including Monash University, Federal Government and the National Australia Bank.

Her background is diverse, having worked in banking and finance, information technology, government and higher education. Throughout her career, she has been driven by a passion for working with great products that make a difference, and building exceptional relationships; which is why we’re excited to have her onboard with Referral Hubs as our Business Relationship Manager.

She takes those passions into other arenas in her life including managing food and health events; and when she’s not doing that, you’re likely to find her out riding her bike with friends.

Therese O’Neill

Therese is well known in the finance industry for her work, and as a thought leader, author and regular contributor to industry publications.

Therese was awarded “Australian Mentor of the Year for 2018” by the Finance Broker’s Association of Australia (FBAA), Therese has helped hundreds of start-up finance industry entrepreneurs over the past decade build sustainable, profitable and ethical businesses that have stood the test of time.

In addition to her Referral Hubs work, earlier this year, Therese launched a business advisory practice, SOAR With Therese O’Neill, to help solo and duo-practice business owners achieve their strategic growth & performance goals.

Ray Hair

With over twenty years’ experience in mortgage broking, mortgage management, general and life insurance at senior executive (C suite) levels, Ray has an exceptional background of technical and commercial skills, along with strategies and solutions that he brings to his role at Referral Hubs.

In addition, Ray is interested in Profit for Purpose and Not for Profit organisations, and looks for opportunities to consult in these spaces, helping organisations to diversify revenue and provide member benefits through financial services.

A new networking model

As an active member of networking groups for years, Divyesh has reaped the many benefits that come with a business group and building solid relationships with like-minded professionals.

At the same time, he has also seen the demise of several networking groups, because the business landscape is rapidly changing; and many groups often struggle to adapt to changing member needs.

“In essence, after speaking to many of the business owners that I have built friendships with over the years – there are five recurring themes they all agree on and we have addressed with Referral Hubs’.

  • Business owners, across the board, appreciate the value that a professional networking organisation can bring in terms of new business opportunities, professional development, and support.  They enjoy getting out and meeting new people and growing personally and professionally.  Networking is an essential strategy and activity for them.
  • Life is busier and faster, and most of us find it increasingly difficult to commit to the time it takes to attend morning networking meetings, particularly when you factor in the travel time, before and after.
  • They all agree that the calibre of members is important. Members must be true business professionals with a loyal happy customer base and solid track record of growth.  There needs to be a relevance that can assist you in your business and the needs of your clients – whether through referrals or strategic input.
  • Networking must be a two-way value exchange. The real value comes when all members contribute. Not just through referrals, but through the opportunity to contribute and connect through their experience and expertise.
  • Meetings and events must be well run to be truly productive and valuable, and make the best use of everyone’s time. Badly prepared presentations, poor timekeeping, and excessive small talk drive them crazy.
From this, we brainstormed what the ideal networking group would look like, and Referral Hubs was born.”
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