How to give an effective 1 minute presentation

You’ve got one minute – just 60 short seconds – to sell yourself and your business. Ready? Go. Maybe you’ll just use your stock-standard presentation, the one you use at every business networking event you attend. Or maybe you’ve got nothing planned, so you make something up on the spot. Now ask yourself, did my [...]


How to master referral etiquette

Referrals are powerful. As the referrer, you are proving your expertise, strengthening your network, and demonstrating your generosity. When referred, you are given the opportunity to win new business. To make the most of high-quality referrals, you must follow referral etiquette. In this article, we’ll look at proper referral etiquette from both sides – as [...]


7 benefits of joining an online business networking group

A meaningful network of like-minded business people can play an important role in the future success of any entrepreneurial business owner. And, in today’s digital climate, there is no more efficient way to connect with others than through online business networking. If the model is right, online business networking can bring together a group of [...]