Seriously Good Networking Events

In addition to our regular Hub meetings, we like to socialise, drink wine and have fun; we’re a gregarious species after all.

Getting to socialise with your fellow Hub members is not only fun – but can be good for business.  Here’s three reasons why.

1.  Networking with Like Minded People

Meeting other like-minded business people who face similar challenges to you, perhaps offer a product or service you know nothing about, or might know someone that could be helpful to you, is extremely valuable.  The more we learn about each other and be helpful; the more our business world opens up.

2.  Really Get to Know Your Fellow Hub Members

A chat over a glass of wine relaxes people so they get to know each other better, and build long term relationships built on trust.

It really goes without saying that we all need to know and trust someone before we refer business to them, and our monthly social get togethers have proven to be the perfect environment for our members to do this.

3.  Demonstrate your Expertise

At each social event we have an inspiring guest speaker to stimulate our minds and extend our knowledge. The presentations spark discussions and challenge us all to open our minds to concepts, ideas and opportunities we may never have considered before.  Our goal is to educate and help Hub members grow personally & professionally.

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