FAQs – networking questions and answers

If you’re wondering if Referral Hubs is right for you – you may find these frequently asked networking questions and answers to be of help.

As we receive several applications from the same type of business in each Hub, the invitation to become a member will be extended to the first profession type who meets the eligibility and passes the checks for our business networking. If at any point that member leaves or becomes ineligible to remain a member, then an invitation will be extended to the next applicant who was approved.
We prefer that you do, to give yourself time to get to know your fellow members and their businesses and reap the full benefits of membership, including referrals.  If you are unsatisfied with your membership and would like to surrender your seat after 6 months,  you may do so and your category will be offered to someone else.
To preserve the integrity of non-competitive businesses in each Hub, we don’t allow members to join other Hubs.  However you will have regular opportunities to meet other members from other Hubs at our inter-Hub events.

In addition to our standard monthly membership fee, we do – occasionally – make available special membership offers to those who attend our networking events, (which we’re told are the best in town!)  If you’d like to be kept informed about our events and membership offers, simply complete your Registration of Interest. What do you have to lose?

Our background check includes standard due diligence checks including business ownership, bankruptcy, and a national police check.  It is conducted with the utmost privacy, by an ACIC accredited agency.
Yes, they sure do.  It’s one of the key benefits of becoming a member.  However we don’t insist it is a mandatory weekly requirement. Instead, we facilitate our Hub meetings and Master Mind sessions so that our members really get to know each other’s businesses well, and build a relationship based on trust and confidence. We believe that you should only refer your clients to businesses that you would use yourself.

At some point, every business owner needs help with things outside their area of expertise.  They might be marketing challenges, staffing problems, regulatory issues, financial strategies, time management or any one of the many challenges we face every day.  The Hub Master Mind sessions are a golden opportunity for members to get help with their own challenges, and for all to acquire new knowledge and skills from experts.  Client growth and loyalty, low staff turnover, profit improvement and new opportunities are all the rewards that can be achieved when you operate your business in a culture of continuous improvement.

The best way to understand the value of Referral Hubs is to hear from our members, view what they have to say here. And then let’s have a chat. Simply complete a Registration of Interest and we’ll give you a quick call to tell you more about Referral Hubs and our next event.